About Us

Spend more time helping your customers, and less time looking for them!

Leads First Network is on an unwavering mission to build a network of Marketing Associates and Personal Finance Professionals who come together to acquire and service a customer. 

Our network offers an exceptional Lead Generation Platform that enables Personal Finance Professionals to keep their sales funnel full. Marketing Associates ensure that each lead is unique, verified, and qualified before it goes into the Personal Finance Professionals sales funnel.

The idea of Leads First Network came to light when we wanted to help

working individuals and families put their financial houses in order and discover their wealth. 

Our network empowers Marketing Associates to transform their life by growing their own business. Marketing Associates have the opportunity to have a home base business with advantages such as tax benefits and financial rewards. Click Here to learn more about becoming a Marketing Associate with the network.

Leads First Network helps Personal Finance Professionals keep their sales funnel full and leverage state of the art technology to successfully and efficiently market their business. Click Here to learn more about becoming a Personal Finance Professional with the network.