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At Leads First Network, if you express interest in becoming a Mortgage Agent, Money Coach, or Debt Elimination Consultant, we can help you get certified!

Below, you will find information about the courses that you need to take in order to become certified. Once you receive your certification, we will sponsor you in our network so that you are able to manage your own practice under the Mortgage One Solutions and Money Coach Masters brand.

Your journey at Leads First Network begins as a Marketing Associate. Embarking on this entrepreneurial career path gives you the opportunity to work alongside Personal Finance Professionals by marketing their services.

You will be equipped with a personalized website and a state-of-the-art marketing system to capture and track new clients.

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According to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), Mortgage Brokers negotiate the best available terms and rates on their behalf lenders. They take into account a borrowers' financial history, down payment and the type of property they are interested in buying. They act as a liaison between a borrower and a lender and do much of the paperwork. 

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Money Coaches make it their mission in life to change the lives of individuals and families positively. They are an expert in money therapy and cash flow and debt management. A Money Coach is someone you can count on and who is eager to transform your relationship with money so that you can live the life you deserve. 

To learn more about the courses you need to take, click below:

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As a Debt Elimination Consultant, you will be empowered to personalize comprehensive money management plans that integrate people's goals, income, expenses, liabilities, mortgages, investments, and insurance to:

 Achieve their life goals

 Create, implement, and maintain a balanced budget 

 Implement strategies to improve their cash flow

 Create, implement, and maintain debt elimination and mortgage retirement strategies

 Create a comprehensive cash flow plan that supports their life goals

 Provide accountability and support to clients to help overcome the roadblocks that stand between them and their goals

 Help people create significant retirement income and wealth

Learn How to become a Debt Elimination Consultant

To learn more about how to pursue these career paths, join our network as a Marketing Associate!

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