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Wouldn't it be amazing to have the flexibility to work where you want, set your own hours, and choose who you want to work with, all while earning a robust income? Leads First Network has an exciting business opportunity that lets you do just that! 

Marketing Associates are the pillars of Leads First Network. You work in collaboration with Personal Finance Professionals, which includes Mortgage Brokers, Money Coaches, Debt Elimination Consultants, and many others!



As a Marketing Associate, your role is to help clients find a finance professional. For example, Mr. Smith is in need of a Mortgage.

Mr. Smith visits your website.

He fills out an application form for a Mortgage. 

You, the Marketing Associate, verify that all the information that Mr. Smith provided is accurate using a set of criteria. 

You then post this prospect in the network for purchase by a Mortgage Agent. 

Mr. Smith is happy because he found a Mortgage Agent.

You're happy because you not only helped Mr. Smith, but you have also profited from the deal.

It's a win-win-win situation.

We promise that you will be paid for your posted qualified prospects and guarantee bonuses on closed deals. 

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We equip you with your very own website and state-of-the-art Marketing System that enables you to grow your marketing business.

There is no experience required to join Leads First. Our team provides training, coaching, and mentoring that will help your marketing business flourish. You will learn how to leverage our Marketing System to the fullest extent while also learning crucial marketing tactics.

Your business success is our goal, the reward is mutual: We grow together. To help your marketing business thrive, we will also provide you with the:

 Money Coach Client Software

 Family CFO Boot Camp

 Education based marketing email campaign

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Become a Marketing Associate at Leads First is just beginning. The potential for growth is UNLIMITED! You have the opportunity to work your way up the network to ultimately have your OWN Marketing Agency!

With our Refer a Friend Program, you can make even more money! It's all in the power of 3. Invite 3 friends to join Leads First, and not only will you earn off their deals, but you will also be promoted to Senior Associate!

Interested in becoming a Mortgage Agent, Money Coach, or Debt Elimination Consultant? We can help you get there! 

Our team will put you on the right path to success. We help people like you succeed in the world of marketing and personal finance services. 

As a certified professional, you will be given the opportunity to manage your own independent practice under the Mortgage One Solutions and Money Coach Masters brand. 

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