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The Money Coach Client Software will help your clients create a healthy relationship with their money. The software is an easy way to transform personal finances, eliminate debt, and achieve life goals.

The personal money management system is designed to help people:

 Set achievable goals

 Align income with life goals and priorities

 Track the progress of goals

 Create, manage, and monitor the family budget

 Become debt free in record time including your mortgage

 Take charge of your finances, save for the future and become friends with your money

 Manage your cash flow, network, and more!

If your clients need help, simply post this lead to a Money Coach or Cash Flow Planner in the network. 

Help your clients become their very own Family Chief Financial Officer with this boot camp.

The Family CFO 10-week program will enable your clients to become the confident, capable, and competent Family CFO of their household. As the Family CFO, they will be able to live their life free from the worry, fear, and frustration created by financial uncertainty. 

The Family CFO Boot Camp is about action, not deprivation. The boot camp will teach users about unique money management strategies and involve them in applying these strategies to their personal finances. 

What better way to connect with your customers than through personal email messages!

You will be provided with an email marketing campaign that consists of a series of messages that revolve around the Family CFO Boot Camp.

These emails will have useful information for your clients and will also include a call to action that will draw them to your website. 

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