Become a Debt Elimination Consultant

Your journey at Leads First Network begins as a Marketing Associate where you will have the opportunity to work alongside Personal Finance Professionals such as Debt Elimination Consultants.

Debt Elimination Consultants create personalize comprehensive money management plans that integrate people's goals, income, expenses, liabilities, mortgages, investments, and insurance.

Are you interested in becoming a Debt Elimination Consultant? We can help you get there!

The course is Cash Flow Analysis and Debt Management Fundamentals. The course outline includes:

Module 1 - The blind relationship with the banks and the impact on peoples lives

Module 2 - The Credit Bureau system and its impact on our lives

Module 3 - Get to know our current financial reality

Module 4 - Where are you, determine your net worth

Module 5 - Where does all your money go; know your cash flow

Module 6 - Are we saving enough?

Module 7 - Finding cash we never knew we had 

Module 8 - Where do we want to go; life goals?

Module 9 - Get out of debt and stay out of debt for life system

Module 10 - Become debt free on $5 a day

Module 11 - Pay off the mortgage in 5-7 years

Module 12 - Mortgage restructure

Module 13 - Alternative debt elimination

Module 14 - Where to invest your hard-earned cash

Module 15 - Strategies for dealing with life risks

Module 16 - Strategies for dealing with life risks

Module 17 - Create, deliver, and support the Cash Flow Plan

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