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Spend more time servicing your customers than looking for them! Get your unique, verified, and qualified prospects here.

Imagine a stream flowing into a river. A single stream can only fill the river so much. Now imagine multiple streams flowing into the river. What happens? The river gets fuller, faster. Now apply this to your business.

Our state-of-the-art Marketing System was created with YOU in mind. We understand your need for a consistent flow of qualified prospects. We also understand your frustration with how difficult it can be to keep your sales funnel full.

Our Marketing Associates are equipped with a Marketing System where they can capture prospects. The prospects that they capture are then verified and qualified based on a specific set of criteria.

You can rest assured that the prospects you receive are unique, verified, and qualified.

As a Personal Finance Professional, you will be equipped with your own prospect management website where you will be able to receive and track the progress of your prospects.

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Value for Prospects. You only pay for the prospects that you accept based on your service level agreement with a Marketing Associate. 

Get Predictable Results. You will be able to go from having an unpredictable to a predictable source of income. Our Marketing Associates will keep your sales funnel full which guarantees you a steady stream of income.

Build and Grow Customer Relationships. Spend more time helping your clients than looking for them. You will no longer have to spend countless hours searching for prospects and will be able to focus your time and energy building and growing your customer relationships.

You can act as both a Lead Provider and a Service Provider in our network. As a Service Provider, if your client is seeking services that you do not offer, then simply take that prospect and post it in the network for purchase. Not only have you helped your client find an industry professional, but you have also made a profit. 

For example, if you are a Realtor and are selling a house, your client is in need of a Mortgage Professional. You can easily reach out to a Mortgage Professional in the network that you can refer your client to. 

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