Become an Affiliate with Leads First Network to start earning revenue. Our network provides a simple way for you to generate extra revenue at no cost to you.

If your client or customer is in need of a Personal Finance Professional such as a:

 Mortgage Broker
 Financial Planner
 Money Coach
 Cash Flow Planner
 Insurance Broker
 Certified Insolvency Counsellor
 Credit Repair Professional 

Then you can help them by simply referring them to our network. This is a great opportunity for you to build and maintain a relationship with your customers.

If your customer or client is looking for a specific financial provider, you can refer them to a Marketing Associate in our network. 

The Marketing Associate can then capture all the necessary information needed to pass on that client to an appropriate Service Provider in the network. 

Both you and the Marketing Associate benefit financially from the network. You are guaranteed payment once the Service Provider finalizes the deal. 

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