Are You In the Right Mortgage?

Many people have mortgages on their homes. They obtained these mortgages based on a specific financial situation while back. Mortgages are products and products can become obsolete.

There is no sense being with an obsolete mortgage that does not fit your current financial situation and needs.

The question is - are you in the right mortgage?

You may be in 5-year fixed mortgage, you may be in 5-year variable mortgage and or have a first and second mortgage. You may have the best rate or may not.

There is more to a mortgage than the best rate.

The mortgage is the most expensive investment you will ever make in your entire life, and the mortgage is the least managed.

Who is mortgaging your mortgage? Trust me your Bank has no interest to show you how to pay off your mortgage in record time. You need to manage your mortgage if you are serious about paying it off in half of the time of your current amortization period.

Are you leveraging your pre-payment privileges?

Did you know you don’t have to pay your mortgage over 25-years or even 30-years – the is the Bank way. You can leverage your pre-payment privileges.

Here is how we can help. We will analyze:

✔ Your financial situation
✔ Your life goals
✔ Your mortgage

If you are in the right mortgage – we will tell you – YES, keep the course and we will give you a Mortgage Plan that enables you to pay off your mortgage in half of your committed time.

But if you are not in the right mortgage – we will restructure your mortgage and your debt into a new mortgage and give you a Mortgage Plan to pay off your mortgage in 10 years or less.

Either way, you win.