Don’t just consolidate your debt, let’s Eliminate your debt!

You have some unsecured (credit cards, loans) debt and you are looking to consolidate them.

You are sold on consolidating your debt.

In principle, consolidating your unsecured debt lowers your monthly payments, improves your monthly cash flow and gives you one single payment to make.

Most lenders rarely offer debt consolidation loans. Lenders are prepared to extend your credit on a secured basis if you qualify.

This method of consolidating your debt is deadly.

You may be wondering why?

The worst form of debt consolidation is refinancing your home to consolidate your unsecured debt. You are:

✔ Converting unsecured debt to secured debt
✔ Extending your amortization for 25 or 30 years to lower your payment

The right way to consolidate your debt is to eliminate your debt. The only way to do this is to get a comprehensive debt elimination plan, commit to it and change few money habits.

We have the perfect Plan to eliminate your debt. The debt elimination plan is dynamic; you can manage online and update to reflect any changes in your personal life.