Looking to Refinance your Home to Consolidate your Debt?

Refinancing your home to consolidate your debt is a common practice and is encouraged by mortgage brokers and banks alike.

Do yourself a favor; do not rush into signing your new mortgage document thinking you got the best rate and had dealt with your debt.

You may not need to refinance your mortgage to consolidate your debt.

Our UNIQUE “Become debt-free on $5 per day strategy” may spare you the refinancing and the penalty associated with breaking the mortgage early.

We don’t consolidate your debt. We eliminate your debt. We have the perfect Plan to eliminate your debt.

The debt elimination plan is dynamic; you can manage the plan online and update it to reflect any changes in your personal life.

If refinancing your home is the only way to consolidating your debt, let us put a debt elimination plan that leverage the savings realized as the result of debt consolidation, let’s leverage your pre-payment privileges to pay off your new mortgage in 10 years or less.